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Larch is a coniferous tree; its wood belongs to tough species. Larch wood toughness can be compared with that of an oak.
Due to its quality to be proof against atmospheric forcing larch timber doesn’t have many rivals. Due to its high density and specific pitch composition larch wood is unmatched in its resistance to rot and surpasses two times in this characteristic such hard woods as oak and ash-tree.
Peculiar composition of its resin makes larch practically completely protected against wood-borer. Water is an enemy of every wood but it’s an ally for larch. This noble tree when in contact with water becomes firmer. It was on the piles of larch that Venice and St. Petersburg were put up.

Larch wood is used where durability and toughness are the main demand. It’s irreplaceable for underwater construction, shipbuilding, production of waterproof finishing materials

Products of larch

  1. Terrace board is widely used for construction and beautification of terraces and garden pavilions. Terrace board profile is a plain board having rounded facets. It is laid with a small gap between boards. It is very simple in application and can be assembled easily.
  2. Flooring: floorboard is usually assembled indoors. It is resistant to mechanical defects and has high thermal and sound insulation, withstands humidity well.
  3. Blockhouse is the variety of a wall panel imitating a log. It is used for outside and inside finishing works and is simple in treatment.
  4. Clapboard of larch is a splendid facing board for outside and inside finishing. It has a beautiful texture and is resistant to temperature drops.
  5. Baseboard (plinth) is a profiled lath of a simple and figured shape. It covers up slots between a wall and a floor.
We can offer the following products made of Siberian larch
Grade 0(E) extra – without knots; Grade 1(А) - max. 1 knot / 1 rm; Grade 2(В) - 1-2 knots per 1rm;
There is a possibility to manufacture articles by the customer’s request. (form, size)
Profile Dimension mm Grade
height width
Clapboard (interior), moisture content 8-10%
14-16 80-110 0(E)
Clapboard “blockhouse” ( exterior), moisture content 14-16%
16-20 90-120 0(E)
Floorboard, moisture content 8-10%
25-27 80-90 100-120 0(E)
Terrace board, moisture content 14-16%

24-27 90-120 0(E)

Length 4m