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Plywood has a light weight, is easily combined with other materials, simple in treatment, stable to temperature drops, and has an aesthetic appearance. Its strength, heat conducting and ecological characteristics are much better than qualitative characteristics of other wood-based panels, such as chipboard, hardboard, MDF.
Relative proportion of good service ability and cost price of production is much higher with plywood than with the products made of metal or plastic.
We offer plywood made of wood veneer 1,2 – 1,35 mm thick, manufactured by peeling of a veneer log. Peeling is a process of cutting a wood layer from a rotating log on its whole length.
This produces a ribbon of veneer which is then clipped to the desired sheet size and glued.

Plywood can be made out of different wood species and is determined by its outer plies. If they are identical it is called «homogeneous» and if they are different - "combined".

We can deliver both 100% birch plywood and combined hardwood plywood, as well as unidirectional plywood.  We have a possibility
to supply plywood certified under the TPC-Certification (Third Party Certification) according to the requirements of CARB-norm (California Air Resources Board).
All plywood that we offer is certified under the FSC®scheme (Forest Stewardship Council®). We have passed the certification of the supply chain and received the certificate nr: NC-COC-013536 , Licence code FSC-C115971

Plywood is used:

- in construction engineering

- for interior and exterior decorations

- in production of packing materials

- in furniture production

- in manufacturing of different structures

- for production of toys and playground facilities

- in carriage engineering

Technical data of FK plywood

1.The sizes of plywood sheets -1525 x 1525 mm, 1475 x1475 mm, 1525 x 1474 x 1525mm, 1525 x1270 x1525 mm.

2. Grades of plywood: I/II, II/II, II/III, III/III, II/IV, III/IV, IV/IV.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

3. Thickness - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 18mm, 21`mm, 24mm.

4. Type of face treatment – sanded except grade IV/IV.

5. Emission class of formaldehyde E 1. Formaldehyde content is 3,7-8 mg/100 gr depending on thickness of plywood.

6. Stuff and materials characteristics:

- urea-formaldehyde resin KF-O, KF-B

- technical sal ammonia

Physical and mechanical parameters of plywood:

- moisture content – 8 – 10%

- shear strength along glue line after soaking in water for 24 hours 1,2- 1,4 MPa.

You can
learn more about the standard applied by production of plywood HERE

Nominal Plywood Thickness

Number of sheets in a package

Package volume (m3)

Size of plywood sheet, mm

3 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

4 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

5 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

6 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

8 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

9 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

10 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

12 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

15 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

18 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

21 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

24 mm



1525 x 1525 mm

Loading capacity of a truck ab. 30 m3